Tax classes mapping

AfterPay expect all amounts to be sent including vat. Then, using vat categories, the vat amount is calculated on AfterPay side. For this to work correctly, the Magento tax classes need to be mapped to the corresponding AfterPay vat category.

1) Open the AfterPay Tax Settings option (below the payment methods)

2) Map each Magento Tax class to the correct VAT category. In the example below, the default Taxable Goods class is used as the high tax class in Magento (21%), so it is mapped to the AfterPay High category.



  • You can map multiple Magento tax classes to a single AfterPay vat category, but you should not map a single Magento tax class to multiple AfterPay vat categories
  • If you have a separate class for shipping, please remember to map it also. You can use the CTRL key to select multiple tax classes
TIP! If you still experience issues with tax. Check the Magento tax settings. This tutorial might help: