Result object

Field name: Data Type: Description:
AfterPayOrderReference String Unique ID for the order
transactionID Int Unique ID for the transaction
resultID Int Result ID result of the SOAP request:
0: Accepted by AfterPay provided that it is in combination with statusCode = A
1: Exeption in the request/response
2: Validation errors in the request
3: Rejected (payment refused) by AfterPay
4: Pending
statuscode String Status of the order: A:accepted, W:refused, P:pending
checksum String Checksum on several fields that are delivered by the webshop
De checksum is a MD5 on:
– MerchantID
– totalOrderAmount
– ResultID
– TransactieID
– Ordernummer merchantThe fields will be connected with ‘-‘
extrafields ExtraFields[] Array with optional extra fields
failures FieldValidationFailuresExt[] List with validation errors (if applicable)
rejectCode String Rejection code reason
rejectDescription String Description of the rejection code
Substatuscode String Only used in combination with status Pending
Timestampin Int Unix timestamp of the entry of order in milli-seconds
Timestampout Int Unix timestamp of the processing of the order in milli-seconds


Field name: Data Type: Description:
fieldname String Field name with the wrong value
failure String Description of the failure
suggestedvalue String Suggested value

Rejectcode and description

rejectCode: rejectDescription:
1 Order is not accepted by AfterPay
29 Amount of first AfterPay order is to high
30 Maximum open orders reached
36 Invalid e-mail address
40 Age is under 18
42 Incorrect address
47 Order amount to low
71 Invalid company details and/or coc number