Release notes

Version 3.1.0 (31-06-2021)

– Update the AfterPay PHP Library to version 3.5.1
– Added the possibility for merchant specific terms and conditions
– Updated the logo in the checkout

Version 3.0.0 (31-03-2020)

– Birthday field is now activated by default for Belgium Digital Invoice
– Fixed issue with refunding fixed price bundles
– Fixed problem with submitting multiple bundled products.

– Update the AfterPay PHP Library to version 2.4
– Sent in full first name instead of initials for NL and BE requests
– Removed pending/push functionality for Belgium (SOAP)
– Terms and conditions are always visible now and not configurable anymore.
– Removed advisoryprocess from the payment methods.
– Added French translations of frontend fields, rejections and validations for French speaking customers in Belgium.
– Added groupId element for REST requests.
– Added profile tracking to German payment methods.
– Added sandbox connection for REST payment methods.
– Added product images and urls to authorization request.
– Checked compatibility with shipment provider SendCloud, MyParcel and PostNL.
– Added NL and BE payment methods through REST.

Version 2.8.0 (22-10-2018)

– Added new urls for terms and conditions and privacy statement
– Fixed issue with partial refunds in Germany
– Checked auto invoice and capturing default settings.
– By default show terms and conditions checkbox.

Version 2.7.0 (01-10-2018)

– Correct translation when incorrect CoC number is entered.
– In Germany error message for incorrect invoice address was shown, even when the delivery address was incorrect. This is now fixed.

Version 2.6.0 (29-08-2018)

– Added payment method installments for Germany and Austria
– Added payment method direct debit for Germany and Austria
– Added preparations for payment method installments for Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark
– You can now use the functionality of negative adjustments in refund
– Issue where minimum amount of showing payment method only works when maximum amount is filled in, is now fixed
– If vat amount is not set, set a default of 0 to avoid empty value notices
– Correct default value for automatic invoicing

Version 2.5.0 (26-06-2018)

– Added compatibility with the latest version IWD Checkout Module

– Changed payment method description to AfterPay display guidelines
– Fixed bug where Austria was the default country for Dutch payment methods on a clean install

Version 2.4.0 (23-03-2018)

– Added new ways to get the correct IP address and added support for Cloudflare IP addresses.
– Implemented new translations for Denmark
– Added 2018 to copyright notice

– Fixed problem with showing configuration fields (PHP warning was showing instead)
– Fixed problem with refunding in Germany resuling in memory and timeout error.
– Fixed bug showing notice: Undefined variable: country

Version 2.3.0 (16-02-2018)

– Updated to AfterPay Library 1.6.0
– Add AfterPay Austria (open invoice) as payment method
– Add AfterPay Switzerland (open invoice) as payment method
– Add AfterPay Sweden (open invoice) as payment method
– Add AfterPay Finland (open invoice) as payment method
– Add AfterPay Denmark (open invoice) as payment method
– Add AfterPay Norway (open invoice) as payment method
– Updated sort order options
– Added new field for social security number
– Make address correction also respond on return code 200.101

– Bugfix on typo with paymentmethodcode
– Fix to send the correct city of the ‘pakje_gemak’ pickup point

Version 2.2.1 (08-01-2018)

– Replaces + sign in phone number country code for 00 (example: +31 will be 0031)
– Correct German translation for validation message on phone number

Version 2.2.0 (06-12-2017)

– Tested compatibility with Magento
– Translation update
– Added (sub)merchant id to German portfolio to improve support for multishops

Version 2.1.0 (15-11-2017)

– Updated to AfterPay Library 1.4.0
– Tested compatibility with Patch SUPEE-10266 (Magento
– DE: Sending VAT amounts in the authorisation and refund request
– BE: Solved bug which caused the inability to capture Belgian orders
– Solved bug which caused problems with sending additional information

Version 2.0.0 (13-10-2017)

– Updated to AfterPay Library 1.2.9
– Added new dedicated payment methods for all Dutch, Belgian and German payment methods
– Added Dutch and German translations
– Added German address feedback
– Removed pregmatch from description because of many special characters in Germany
– Improved way to sent mails based on Magento standards (ticket #244)
– Show footnote on German payment method
– Add setRest method to enable REST communication
– Make terms and conditions configurable for Germany
– Updated refund method, removed partial dependency method because all refunds are partial refunds
– Set default gender in Netherlands to Woman
– If gender is set in default Magento, use that, else use from AfterPay form
– Germany needs no date of birth
– If discount is calculated in Magento, use seperate rule with explanation only in Netherlands
– Set margin of check on full invoices to 5 cents
– Get prefix for compatiblity with Paazl
– Cleaned up code to match coding standards
– Use new debug functionality
– Changed address line in German address feedback
– Checked compatibility with latest FireCheckout Module 3.11.2 (#243)
– Bugfixed observer, problem with not watching right payment methods

Version 1.6.9 (13-04-2017)

– Compatible with Magento Enterprise store credits
– Compatible with Magento Enterprise reward points

Version 1.6.8 (19-01-2017)

– Show portfolio based on ip(s): now part of portfolio settings
– New: hide portfolio based on ip(s). Useful when using AfterPay in-store (you need a separate portfolio)
– New: show current ip address (in portfolio settings), for easy copy-pasting in to the ip fields
– Removed: ip restriction in general settings
– Send pick-up address as delivery address, when using POSTNL Pakjegemak pick-up option. Compatible with the POSTNL and MyParcel extension

– Fixed typo for rejection messages with Belgium phonenumber
– Bugfix: Items of bundled products with options get correct vat data

Version 1.6.7 (02-01-2017)

– Memory problem in order proces
– On failed capture, order status changes as set in the options

Version 1.6.6 (21-12-2016)

– Compatible with Magento CE

– Payment method description now visible on invoice PDF
– More improvements for sending the correct IP when using (caching) proxy’s
– Layout fixes when using FireCheckout
– PHP Notice error in combination with bankaccountnumber solved

Version 1.6.3 (05-09-2016)

– Filtering of special characters in product titles etc. to prevent issues

– Better validation messages for AfterPay Belgium
– Fix for certain bundled products not working (check on quantity & price in bundled products)

Version 1.6.2 (08-07-2016)

– Title of payment fee is now ‘Afterpay Servicekosten’ instead of ‘Afterpay Fee’
– Added option to send the invoice email (default off)

– Compatibility fix for Idev_OneStepCheckout, Fee amount not doubled
– Fixed redirect issue caused by empty array and causing less showing of error messsages
– Replaced some empty() functions for compatability with older PHP versions
– Problem with TIG PostNL – check if config_state is available before if statement
– Fixed problem with Bundled product with fixed price not being refunded
– Added check to generation of totals if there are shipping totals (in case of virtual products)
– Fixed problem with failing captures with products containing parents (bundles and configurables)
– Fixed wrong VAT category used in refund, on orders with discounts
– Missing FEE description and amount in transactional emails & PDFs

Version 1.6.1 (20-06-2016)

– Removed unneeded B2B fields
– Improved layout in IWD and OneStepCheckout checkout
– Option to hide payment method based on ip

– Fix for unneeded orderlines when service fee is not used
– Improved ip filtering
– Fix for gender related issues in IWD and OneStepCheckout checkout

Version 1.6.0 (09-06-2016)

– Compatible with Fooman Surcharge
– Payment fee is now separate extension, option to disable or remove

– Fix for issues with AfterPay service fee
– Fix for wrong VAT category on refund

Version 1.5.7 (13-04-2016)

– Option to separate capture from Magento invoice (advanced, use only corporation with AfterPay)
– Compatible with Magento
– Compatible with Magento Enterprise

– Fix for Magento invoice not created on new order
– Fix for wrong VAT categories used in refunds with Magento Enterprise

Version 1.5.6 (17-03-2016)

– Set seperate redirect URLs for rejection and validation error
– Possibility to enable or disable AfterPay Checkout Fields
– Compatible with Magento
– New AfterPay logo

– Fix for using a comma value in service fee
– Fix for using percentage in service fee

Version 1.5.5

– Magento invoice and capture trigger on creating shipment
– Magento invoice and capture trigger on specific order status

– Fixed issues with creating orders in Magento backend
– Fixed fatal error issues with bundled products

Version 1.5.4

– Fixed problem with double servicefee in Magento Enterprise Edition
– Fixed problem not sending order emails in Magento Enterprise Edition

Version 1.5.3

– Fixed problem with template file showing portfolio information
– Fixed problem showing the correct vat amount on the service fee in the backend on orders, invoices, credit notes and pdf
– Fixed posibility for using the adjustment fees when refunding in Magento
– Fee not showing in One Step Checkout, when AfterPay is selected, but shipping is not.

– Removed AfterPay logo, supporttab and coloring information in adminhtml
– Created extentive support for bundled products with flexible pricing. Send in detail with the correct vat category

Version 1.5.2

– Fixed problem with template file showing portfolio information
– Fixed problem showing the correct vat amount on the service fee in the backend on orders, invoices, credit notes and pdf
– Fixed posibility for using the adjustment fees when refunding in Magento
– Fee not showing in One Step Checkout, when AfterPay is selected, but shipping is not.
– Fixed vat category on refund with discount
– Fixed view in IDEV Onestepcheckout (including vat and after shipping)
– Fixed double order confirmation mails
– Fixed calculation on service fee when percentage is used
– Compatibility increase with the PostNL and Buckaroo Module
– several small bugfixes and language improvements

– support for extra refund fields (refund amount and refund fee)
– Compatible with Magento
– Compatible with IWD Onestepcheckout 4.08
– The following order line is only showed when the order contains discount: ‘De stuksprijs is incl. eventuele korting’
– Possibility to add status to failed captures

Version 1.4.0

– Improvement in testing with IP restriction
– Fix for order confirmation mail for Magento version
– Refund on alternative merchant ID
– Servicekosten view improvement
– several small bugfixes and language improvements

– Compatible with Magento
– Compatible with Magento Security Update (PATCH_SUPEE-6285_CE_1.9.1.1_v1 en PATCH_SUPEE-6285_CE_1.9.1.1_v2)
– Compatible with IWD Onestepcheckout 4.08
– Compatible with TIG_PostNL Module (probleem with service fee)
– Structural naming change (TIG_Afterpay now Afterpay_Afterpay).
– Removed non-risk posibility.
– SOAP endpoint changed from to
– New trademarks added to back and frontend
– Merchant ID on portefolio setting instead of general settings
– Modus (test/live) only on portfolio setting
– Improvement in sending IP adresses for loadbalancers and Cloudflare environments