Release notes

v.3.8 (10-08-2018)

  • Compatible with WP 4.9.8 + Woocommerce 3.4.4
  • Added compatibility for PostNL shipment and pickup point delivery address
  • Added possibility to show or hide the gender in DACH
  • Added profile tracking for DACH
  • Added customer individual score for DACH
  • Used new terms and conditions and privacy statement from CDN
  • Added installments for Sweden
  • Added installments for Finland
  • Added installments for Norway
  • Added ‘advanced configuration’ to prevent mistakes or misconfigurations
  • Used customerfacing message from webservice to show in case of address correction
  • Cleaned up duplicate code in classes
  • Updated coupon class to WordPress coding standards

v.3.7 (26-06-2018)

  • Changed payment method description according to new AfterPay display guidelines
  • Fixed bug where all javascripts were loaded on all pages, even when AfterPay is not enabled
  • Fixed correct conversation language for Norway, Sweden, Finland
  • Disabled captures and refunds by default for NL and BE
  • Added preparations for installments Sweden and Finland
  • Enable support for housenumbers with additional letters in Germany
  • Fixed bug with Sendclound, when no shipping method is used
  • Added open invoice for Sweden
  • Used correct payment terms and conditions for Dutch connections
  • Fixed bug with order status when capturing is disabled

v.3.6 (22-05-2018)

  • Added bankaccount validation
  • Added direct debit for Germany
  • Added direct debit for Austria
  • Added direct debit for Switzerland
  • Implemented new translations for Denmark
  • Added compatibility with Sendcloud
  • Woocommerce create option to capture based on status
  • Updated to the latest AfterPay Library (1.7.0) + updated dependencies
  • Postalcode plugin caused issue not sending shipping housenumber, build in check.

v.3.5.1 (12-02-2018)

  • Updated german translations
  • Add check for product image to be filled with an url, otherwise sent empty string. (for Germany)
  • Add check on vat calculation on product with a price of 0. (for Germany)

v3.5 (08-02-2018)

  • Compatible with WP 4.9.4 + Woocommerce 3.3.1
  • Updated to the latest AfterPay Library (1.6.0)
  • Make address correction also respond on return code 200.101
  • Added support for installments in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Added new transparent version of the logo
  • Added new german translations for installments
  • Fixed a bug with multiple items calculating the wrong tax amount for REST calls.
  • Implement product images and product urls for OneAPI connections
  • Add open invoice for Sweden (still disabled because of translations)
  • Add open invoice for Denmark (still disabled because of translations)
  • Add open invoice for Norway (still disabled because of translations)
  • Add open invoice for Finland (still disabled because of translations

v3.3 (20-10-2017)

  • Updated to the latest AfterPay Library (1.4.0)
  • Checked compatibility WordPress 4.8.2
  • Checked compatibility Woocommerce version 3.2.1
  • Fixed IP Restriction Bug
  • Added gender as optional field for payment methods NL Open Invoice, NL Direct Debit and BE Open Invoice
  • compatible with WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor (Manager) Pro (FREE) Checkout Fields for housenumber and housenumber addition are now configurable with this plugin

v3.2.0 (13-10-2017)

  • Added function to be able to refund directly from WooCommerce. (Important to always contact AfterPay if you would like to use this new function!)
  • compatible with WP 4.8.2 + Woocommerce 3.1.2
  • Update to latest version of AfterPay Library 1.3.0
  • Added configuration option to show or hide terms and conditions
  • DE: Add a configurable information field to the checkout which can be used for extra information to the customer
  • DE: Compatible with Germanized Plugin version (1.9.1), compatible with gender selection and payment fee.
  • DE: When an order is rejected the payment will be failed but the order will not be cancelled, to make new payment on the same order possible
  • Tested compatibility with Pronamic Pay plugin (4.6.0)
  • Placed disclaimer for capture and refund option in the configuration
  • Added fallback to addressline 2 when housenumber is used in the second field for address
  • Added code cleanup and PHP docblocks for release
  • Add ‘Call to action’ on payment methods to get in contact with the sales department
  • Add AfterPay Austria as a payment method
  • Add AfterPay Switserland as a payment method
  • DE: Sending VAT amounts and percentage in the request
  • Updated German translations

v3.0.0 (26-07-2017)

  • compatible with WP 4.8 + Woocommerce 3.1.1
  • Updated code to Woocommerce 3.0 standards, solved deprecation errors
  • Fixed bug in overview of payment methods
  • Removed merchantid and password check for availability
  • Added availability check if not logged in as admin
  • Update to latest version of AfterPay Library (1.2.8)
  • Corrected all dutch validation messages
  • Remove text with amount limits in checkout
  • Make it possible to restrict on multiple IP addresses (seperated by comma)
  • Removed unneccesary javascript, composer files
  • Added https to terms and conditions urls

v2.9.1 (28-06-2017)

  • Fix for an issue were WordPress menu’s aren’t working when the AfterPay plugin is enabled

v2.9 (10-05-2017)

  • Used new version of the AfterPay Library (1.2.0
  • The new AfterPay Library contains a fix for names with special characters
  • Removed gender from fields
  • From this version it is mandatory for customers to agree to the terms and conditions of AfterPay
  • Compatible with WP 4.7.4 + WooCommerce 3.0.5

v2.8 (05-01-2017)

  • Orders with validation errors will not be cancelled (order can be re-used to try with new data)
  • Gender field removed
  • CSS cleaned up to improve compatibility with themes
  • Update to latest AfterPay library (1.1.8)
  • Compatible with WP 4.7 and Woocommerce 2.6.11

v2.7 (05-09-2016)

  • fix for incorrect validations for AfterPay Belgium

v2.6 (26-08-2016)

  • fix for problem with housenumber, when default country is other than NL
  • fix for incorrect VAT category, when Shipping tax class based on cart items is used
  • Compatible with WP 4.6 + WooCommerce 2.6.4

v2.5 (09-08-2016)

  • fix for housenumberaddition, now works with space (10 a), nospace (10a), special chars (- + , | )
  • translation for validation problem with bankaccount numbers
  • fix for wrong VAT category sent for products with low VAT category

v2.4 (13-07-2016)

  • fix for issue where housenumber and housenumberaddition are not send separately
  • fix for issue where B2B orders fail due to missing gender field
  • removed unneeded B2B fields
  • fix for order status not updating on Belgium orders, using WP 4.5.3
  • added Dutch translations for all error messages
  • compatible with WP 4.5.3 + WooCommerce 2.6.2