Correction line for rounding errors

The AfterPay webservices expects that the sum of all orderlines is equal to the total order amount. If not, payment will fail.

For example:

  • 1x product 1 –  €5,00
  • 2x product 2 –  €3,99
  • 1x product 3 – €2,99
  • shipping – €4,95

The sum is €20,92. The webservice expects this exact amount in the totalorderamount field.

Now, sometimes, due to different tax calculations and settings, rounding errors can occur in the webshop of a merchant. While ideally, this can be corrected by the merchant on their side, this is not always an option or even possible.

To prevent failed payments in these situations, please add a correction line to the request automatically. With this added (positive or negative) correction, the sum always equals the total. A correction line can be sent as an orderline, just like any other. Please see the example request for more details.